Bingera Football Club.

Est 1922.

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Junior's training, starts 22/02/18, 4pm.


Registrations are open to all ages online.

Please follow the link to head to the sign in page. In the next week I will post the fee breakdown. We have tried to keep the prices the same in some age groups but unfortunately couldn't happen in every age group. You will notice once you see the breakdown that Bingera as a club only gets a small portion of the fee. In saying that if any family is associated with a business or know a business that would like to sponsor the Club please do not hesitate to get in contact with a Committee Member because as a Club we rely on sponsorship to purchase much needed equipment. More details to come on when Junior training will start.


Coach's application form.

Application for coach's postition needs to be completed and emailed to the secretary.


Sponsorship application form.


Fact sheet for supportive parents.

Fact sheet for supportive players.

Message to all parents.

Kids should be able to enjoy their sport, have fun with their mates without undue pressure or abuse from the sidelines.

See the videos -


Bad language-memo

Smoking ban Martens Oval.

Play by the Rules Link.


The club is always looking for new sponsorship, and if we have new sponsors, this will help bring our club shirts or other merchandise prices down. Any thoughts, please ring or send an email to our President or Secretary.

Meet our President…..

Jason Murray

Jason is a former Bingera player who was last involved with the club in 2005.

Having played for the Stripeys for 7 years as well as coaching and volunteering, commitments took him interstate for the next 10 years.

He remained in contact with a lot of the senior plays within the club and has followed the progress of the Stripeys in his absence.

Returning to Bundaberg in 2017, he has jumped straight in to the role of Club President.

He is looking forward to the new year and meeting all the players who make this club great.

Jason’s goal for the 2017 season is to continue building the growth of the club through the development of coaches and the players.

He encourages members to come and see him at the grounds and is committed to working with everyone involved in the Bingera club.