Bingera Football Club.

Est 1922.

MEMO TO: All Clubs – Football Bundaberg Inc.,

FROM: Football Bundaberg Inc.,

SUBJECT: House Keeping matters at Football Bundaberg

DATE: 29th May 2018


If you are the Home team - and the last game of the day, your club team must bring in the corner flags and turn off lights (night games). This has not been adhered to for many weeks and it is not the responsibility of the Referees and FBI to do this. This has been in place for a number of years now and all Clubs agreed to this.

When teams are the ‘Home team’, it is the responsibility of that team to retrieve any soccer balls kicked out of the grounds.


All Club personnel must be wearing their Coaches and Manager Lanyards with their own names on it, as Referees will now be checking these lanyards on games. It must be visible at all times (not in your pocket or bag). If your Coaching personnel do not have lanyards, the Referees are entitled to ask you to leave the technical area.


Technical areas of - Field 1, Field 2 and Field 3 - no persons/spectators/Coaching personnel can sit on the sides of these areas.

For example

Field 1 - the whole length from the scoreboard to the end of field 1 - no persons can sit there.

Field 2 - the whole area from the gate entrance to the scoreboard on Field 2 no persons can sit there.

Field 3 - the whole area from the gate entrance to the scoreboard on Field 3 no persons can sit there.

Temporary signs have been fixed to the fences for everyone's information.

GARBAGE BINS: Could clubs please advise parents, visitors, players, Coaching personnel to use the bins provided at Martens Oval. Extra bins have been placed around the grounds for everyone's use. It has been dreadful lately, rubbish just dropped on the grounds for FBI to clean.

GOAL NETS AND PORTABLE GOALS: Please ensure that players are not hanging on goal nets, portable goals etc. Once again, this week FBI have had to repair the goals on Field 4, 10 & 11. Surely, Coaches and Managers can ensure that players are not hanging on the equipment provided.

CODE OF CONDUCT - parents, players, spectators, coaching personnel must adhere to the Code of Conduct