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NAB and Football Queensland introduce ‘We Pay, You Play’

Football Queensland (FQ) and National Australia Bank (NAB) have partnered to grow football across the state with financial help to both football members and clubs.

The “We Pay, You Play” initiative (**assisted by Nexus Partners) will give football members the opportunity to have their club registration covered and give clubs vital financial aid as well.

Over the past six years, Football Queensland members have taken out over $13m in loans through NAB’s previous campaigns, which netted over $60,000 in subsidies for Queensland football clubs.

NAB’s new campaign, “We Pay, You Play”, means both players and clubs will benefit, with NAB covering part, or whole, of the players’ registration fees and their club banking the rest.

Whenever a registered football club member, or family member connected to a club, takes out a NAB home loan, investment loan or business loan, a portion of the commission (0.44% inc. GST) will go towards paying their season registration fees.

Any left-over amounts, after the registration is paid, will go directly towards supporting their football club.

For example, a $350,000 home loan will mean NAB will pay a referral fee of up to $1400 (plus GST) to the player’s club.

From that amount, the club will pay the player’s fee, and keep the remainder.

They don’t have to be a player either, all members of clubs are eligible, such as volunteers and coaches, in which case the whole subsidy will go towards the club.

The We Pay, You Play initiative will provide funding to make football more affordable for players and families who have bought a new home as well as grow your club.

Football Queensland and NAB believe, just like your home, your football club is your heart is.